Who’s this crazy person?

I’m just a person who has some thoughts on life and attempting to live it, yet failing at it. A lot.

Recovering and constantly relapsing perfectionist. Constantly disappointed idealist masquerading as a realist, often accused of being a pessimist.

I moved half a country away from all of my family to start my ‘adult’ life, yet at the age of 23 I still commonly start statements with “When I grow up,” and I am genuinely shocked when people my own age call me out on it. Am I the only 23 year old that doesn’t consider themselves an adult?! As far as I’m concerned, I’m only going through the motions, but living more or less like a 10 year old boy who’s also a casual alcoholic and has learned to hide his habits from his parents.

I really have no purpose for writing this, and have no idea how long I’ll continue it. In my struggles to blend with the other adult robots in the world, I have a lot of sarcastic, cynical rants to get out, and writing has become an excellent outlet to help me maintain my façade of sanity. I hope you enjoy!

For short tidbits of my day-to-day thoughts, follow me on Twitter @jessahhh.



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